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RaceDay '15 - To Those who made it possible.
TheFanatics recently hosted another great event for all those car enthusiasts across South Africa. I am of course referring to Thefanatics Raceday 2015, which was a resounding success. The available spots were sold out long before the event had even transpired, testament to the excellent reputation TheFanatics has been able to establish within the Car Enthusiast community. The event saw members travelling from far and wide to attend and test their cars ability to reach their maximum speeds over a distance of 1km, in a safe and secure environment.

Young and old, children and families were all in attendance, sharing the magic that this car culture is able to produce, all from the love of machine. Children were eagerly anticipating the next car to spin up their tires and fire down the road, while family members were keen to see what their Significant Others cars were able to achieve – since we spend our days tinkering with our cars. And of course car owners were anxious yet excited to put their own machines to the test, a balance of power and traction.

All of this was achieved through 3 extremely important areas of our community, these being, our event organisers, event sponsors and our passionate members. For this particular event we would like to call out the event sponsors, which without them, this event would have not been able to transpire. The costs of these events are higher than most members assume and to charge this directly to members would result in extremely high entrance fees and in all likelihood poor attendance. This is all being mentioned as what these sponsors have done is enable every single one of our members to attend a well organised event, at a fraction of the normal cost. They of course get a lot exposure, but often do it more so to help the community.

The following sponsors deservedly receive an honourable mention.

Sponsorship in the form of cash to host the event and pay towards event hiring:

Rennzport - Sir Charles and Mr Zaahier
[Image: rennzportbanner1_3000x1000_5817810995%20...kg177a.jpg]
Rennzport Advertiser Portal

Xcede Performance - Mr Sherwin Singh
[Image: Xcede%20Custom_zpsbkkewdik.jpg]
Xcede Performance Advertiser Portal

Prominetix - Honourable Husain Pochee
[Image: 1395947_247343395421540_1660936620_n%20C...sehmcu.jpg]
Prominetix Advertiser Portal

Motorlease - His Highness, Imtiaz Akbar

[Image: motorlease%20Custom_zps4wbbsvag.jpg]

To the trophy and race number stickers:
To HubblyKing and DVST8 – sponsoring the trophies and prizes to the winners, and at the last hour sorting out the race number stickers for all the members involved at your own cost – a huge thank you.

George Smooth, not a soul can thank this guy enough. Anything needed was ticked. We needed accommodation for the DBN and CT members attending, George provided the rooms at his Hotel. The form staff team building lunch was on Saturday, we needed a venue, we had the hall to us. In style as well, signs put up, tables reserved. Drinks provided. What a man! Any out of towners traveling to JHB, need a place to stay, book yourself into St Georges Hotel and Conference center (normal rates apply). George even went further and arranged chairs and tents for us at ODI.

Once we had the sponsors word, we confirmed Ivan (ODI). What a gentlemen!! There was absolutely no issue dealing with Ivan. His rules and regulations were defined from the start, we knew what we had at our beck and call. I am sure you would agree ODI catered for our Adrenalin rush in style. Yes, there venue needs some shade and proper toilet facilities, i am sure sooner or later it will be a world class venue.

And lastly thank you to our event organisers, moderators who helped and every single member who made it a success, special mention to:

Rico, Jody and wife
ChefDJ and Raamstrong
Max My Ride Magazine
Nazeer Loonat (NOS-GP)

Link to Homepage Discussion

One last time, thank you to all of you!
TheFanatics Team
BMW Power.

[Image: Mo-ffs.jpg]
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