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R!Yo's F30 335i Motorsport
Hi to all the fellow fanatics!

I'm not new to the forum although i have been very quiet these past years. LOL Fencelook But I hope to be more active & meet the fellow fanatics!

As some of you might know already, about 3 weeks ago I took delivery of my brand new F30 335i Motorsport in Black Sapphire Metallic (my favourite colour) Rollsmile
I call her #blackbeauty Rofl

It has black leather with the aluminium/blue stripe, sunroof, extended light pack, M 19" wheels, Business Nav & BMW connected drive services are the notable options.

I did the M Performance build after taking delivery as I wanted all the parts colour coded. Have to say it came out brilliant, colour was matched correct!! Will be doing the diffuser soon.

Still thinking of smoking the taillights, making the wheels gloss black and some other interior mods, later on an M Performance exhaust & JB4 but will keep the thread updated if anything further is done.

Would also like to give thanks to CF Accessories and Mo@AutoAccessorize!

And here are some pics of #blackbeauty!


[Image: 20150718_104541_9510709568.jpg]
[Image: 2015-07-20%2009.24.55_3134200037.jpg]
[Image: 2015-07-18%2015.54.08_2352567734.jpg]
[Image: 20150718_104508_5587726021.jpg]
[Image: 2015-07-18%2015.55.27_5587726021.jpg]
[Image: 20150718_104603_3605550667.jpg]
[Image: 20150718_104642_3888529916.jpg]
Praise absolutely Demonic car bro !

I wish you many safe miles ahead!
[Image: sig_151132616.jpg]
Lovely beast you have there Clapper
.... still searching for the perfect replacement BlueCry

Awesome car, and looks great in black
ooooh love the black ClapperClapper
BMW E46 Individual - Aegean Blue Metallic
Praise Praise Praise

My dream car. Those windows need a tint.
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(20-07-2015, 10:49 AM)LewLew Wrote: Praise Praise Praise

My dream car. Those windows need a tint.

The windows do have smash n grab tint, I asked for the 35% but I think they gave me the 50%. I noticed when I fetched the car but wasn't really worried as I was too excited. Rofl
Thanks alot guys! Much appreciated!! Ty
wonderful! Clapper
That is a beautiful car Praise Defo needs black wheels though Cartel
congrats, you now have a responsibility to provide pictures and updates regularly
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[Image: photo%20from%20sashchern_5592516823.jpg]
Thanks alot!!! Will definitely update when I do any mods. Thumbs
that's a beast loving it...

happy miles brotherRofl
looks flippin sweet !!

congrats man...
That color!!!!!!!!Praise

Awesome package you have there bud..

Enjoy her..
Congrats....wishing you many happy Ks ClapperPraise
[Image: twinzsig_5365414051.jpg]
Damn that's a sweet ride Clapper
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Praise that's one hot ride you have there Bud perfect colour it looks amazing. wish you many trouble free km's Chef

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