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Full Review: Methanol/Water injection for 335/135 with pictures (Updated, Sept 2010)
Make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas!

But please note: Methanol injection is intended for more experienced enthusiasts only. We stress this point: It depends on what your goal is with your car. If you want to take your car to the next level and for the track and drag racing scene, than this is a must modification. The concern is not so much whether it is safe or not; but because the installation is challenging and for the enthusiast that is prepared to experiment (and have an understanding of how your car's engine works) and stick to the best settings for your vehicle once installed. It should work flawlessly once you have accomplished this.

Here is a description from our supplier: "Methanol/Alcohol/Water injection, commonly referred to as "meth", allows you to make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas. The effect is similar to running 104 octane all the time, with additional cooling benefits allowing for more power than you could ever make on race gas alone. The install is challenging...but the performance benefits greatly outweigh that.

This unique kit locates the methanol pump in the 1.5 gallon tank for easy install and removal. The tank/pump then can be placed anywhere in the trunk for easy access and removal. All kits are also available with a less expensive traditional 1 gallon universal tank.

We've selected the 250psi pump for its superior atomization.... This kit also features a check valve for reliability and a 500ml (M5) injection nozzle perfectly sized for the...300kw+ range.

NB: Updated Notice: Dont forget to read our review of the brand new Super Atomizing Injectors CM7 & CM10 as well as the new checkvalve with integrated filter from coolingmist (12 September 2010). Find the review here:

The basic kit includes a boost activated on/off switch. For those who want a more sophisticated system we also offer both the VC2 and CMGS progressive controllers. The VC2 is panel mount and tucks away in the trunk or glove box while the CMGS can be mounted in any universal gauge pod."

Rennzport, have been contemplating this modification before the completion of the basic kits for the 335/135. This mod has been very successful on turbo cars dating back to the 1980s and are being resuscitated using modern day technology available, making it even more safe and effective. The detailed instructions for the kit can be found here: and is being developed and promoted in partnership with our own supplier, Burgermotorsports

As can be expected the Burgermotorsport/Coolingmist meth kit arrived in perfect condition and packaging:
The solid transparent 1.5 galon tank:
[Image: DSC00916.jpg]
The clamps to hold the tank in place. It is very solid and strong indeed. The tank does not rattle or waver under hard accelleration or braking.
[Image: DSC00920.jpg]
The amazing CMGS gauge below. It has a failsafe feature that gets triggered in case of a problem and basically shuts down the operation of the kit completely until you have resolved the problem...Thumbsup2. The failsafe can be set using boost, MAF or dutycycle as a threshold. The gauge "...features adjustable progressive spray, boost readings, and configurable display options. Add the flow sensor upgrade to any progressive controller to allow it to display flow and trigger the JB3 to raise boost ONLY when the methanol is properly flowing." In other words...the gauge measures meth flow and boost. You can set the gauge to set the minimum and maximum meth flow at the psi you choose and when it should stop flowing....this is just great!!! Further more the gauge can be calibrated to work in conjuction with the JB3 maps as well. Thumbsup2
[Image: DSC00927.jpg]
[Image: DSC00930.jpg]
[Image: DSC00935.jpg]
The injector assembly:

[Image: DSC00939.jpg]
A whole lot of wiring for the gauge and pump. When this is installed neatly it seemlesly fits into the existing wiring of the car and looks like audio wiring:
[Image: DSC00944.jpg]
The flow sensor with its checkvalve and filter:
[Image: DSC00946.jpg]
The high pressure pump is set at 200psi, but can be adjusted to 250psi:
[Image: DSC00948.jpg]
[Image: DSC00951.jpg]
The connectors:
[Image: DSC00941.jpg]
It is best to start with installing all the wiring before the tank & gauges. We found that the (white tube) in the picture below...for the flow of water/meth is very strong but not long just makes it to where the injector goes into the charge-pipe. The reason apparently is...all the wiring was prepared for left hand drive be aware of this when installing. The black vacuum piping is the boost piping that runs from the gauge to the vacuum piping of the diverter valves...where it intercepts boost. The problem is if you do not have the correct Y connector for this black vacuum piping; the black vacuum pipe cracks and becomes brittle easily when the engine bay becomes hot causing the black piping to tear and loose boost. But if you have the correct BMW Y connector that goes into the pipe...there should be no issues...we had a few "trial and error" moments with this.
[Image: DSC00956.jpg]
I followed the Coolingmist meth install instructions precisely, except for the CMGS gauge location. Here is a simplified diagramme:
[Image: cmgs135Jb33.gif]
You can choose to run the wiring or meth piping underneath the car as some has done or you can run it safely inside the car underneath the carpeting. This pic shows it under the car. We have installed all on the inside and is much cleaner and stealthier.
[Image: IMG_0133.jpg]
The entire layout and install would take about 3 hours, the first time. But if it was done before the installation could be reduced by an hour. The install of the meth line and electrical wiring was, as per Coolingmist instructions. Very easy but require you to remove passenger and rear seats; and some carpeting such as the boot carpet - for a perfect fitment. Essentially, time is spend on finding the best routable lines without cutting or drilling. The only slight drilling that will be done, will be in the boot (into the bottom plastic) for the 4 short screws to hold down the meth/water tank. But these holes are not visible if you remove the tank. Here are some pictures of the completed tank and pump install:
[Image: DSC01476.jpg]
[Image: DSC01478.jpg]

If you look closely we made an aluminium pod for the CMGS gauge and used the small bracket (underneath gauge) supplied by Coolingmist for secure and rattle free fitment of the gauge. The gauge is a marvel and very bright and readable, from the drivers and passenger distance, during the day and night. When not in use close the lid and only the devil will know. Failsafe on the gauge is enabled and it shows me a fault red light when the meth runs low and error codes when there are boost and meth flow problems. When you disconnect the meth line in the boot and the meth leaks out, the gauge will immediately flash showing up to four possible error messages/codes.
The gauge is also connected to the JB3 (one orange wire) but i am not sure what it all does other than reading boost from the JB3. Look forward to greater intergration with the JB, such as map switching in the future.
[Image: meth4.jpg]
[Image: DSC01473.jpg]
Now onto the second part of the installation. The parts required for this section have to be ordered seperately even though the stock OEM parts will also work fine. We found that the additional hardware round off the package better. The stock charge-pipe has to be replaced to make provision for the installation of the injectors and meth line/piping:
[Image: DSC01178.jpg]
The better alternative is the charge-pipe from STETT to fit the meth injector and in the future NOS if you so desire. It also come with Forge diverter valves ( to help cope with higher boost settings.
[Image: DSC01966.jpg]
[Image: charge20pipe200077.jpg]
Here you can see the places for the meth injector and future NOS Thumbsup2
[Image: STETTElbow5.jpg]
[Image: DSC01972.jpg]
If you are brave enough you can just drill a hole into the stock charge-pipe and fit the injector into it like this. Needles to say we do not propose this:
[Image: meth_nozzle_2.jpg]
Or if you wish you can simply install an aftermarket elbow into the stock does the same thing. No cutting is necessary into the stock charge-pipe, only a new clamp when you remove the permanent stock clamp:
[Image: STETTElbow4.jpg]
When the STETT chargepipe is installed (30minutes) with the meth injector and piping completed; it will look like this:
[Image: DSC01497.jpg]

The meth line going into the engine bay is inside a grey rubber sleeve except for about 5 - 10mm (see picture below) at the end as it goes into the injector...this gives it a "stock" look...The piping is very strong and is unlikely to brittle and break easily:
[Image: DSC01510edited.jpg]
The STETT charge pipe for meth with the Forge DVs are a great mod and a must when running heavy boost. It was easy to install and perfect for meth and future upgrades (NOS?).

That completes the installation. So how does the car perform?

We have been running with the meth kit for more than a month trouble free.
We saw an increase of 15 - 20kw on the dyno with 100% meth; we also noticed much lower temps. We plan to do some more dyno pulls in the future since the car and ecu have adapted well to the modification. In the US users report higher power readings with meth. Our project car runs 60% meth and 40% water on a daily basis. Meth is set to flow at 7psi and cuts off at 12.5 psi. We use approximately one full tank of meth per week on normal driving. Expect to run through meth very quickly with spirited driving. On the dyno testing we used up 3 full tanks of meth...doing 9 runs Thumbsup2

For our personal notes: We could not see any increase in Kw & Tq (on the dyno) when running meth and 104 race fuel together. Look forward to more testing on this. On the road the car feels capable and strong...and it is great to know your car is always producing a higher fuel octane. It also seems to me we are the only ones that can "feel" the meth kicks in...most users do not "feel" this at all. The CMGS gauge is a great feature. To be able to see the boost and flow readings and knowing what the meth is doing is just amazing.Excited


The meth flow was not always consistent and hot and cold weather also influenced the meth flow and sometimes there would no zero flow. I then installed the Coolingmist stainless steel boost solenoid many months ago to prevent the drop in meth flow. Here are some facts abouth the solenoid:

* 300 psi valve vs competitors 150 psi valve
* 303 stainless steel
* includes quick fittings for nylon hose
* draws only 600 ma
* no pressure drop

The solenoid valve is rated at 300 psi and has EPDM seals for the all fluid compatibility. I have not had a single meth flow problem since installing this valve. The location of the valve is also very important. If your meth tank is under the bonnet than it is best to install the solenoid just before the meth injector. If your meth tank is in the boot than i suggest installing it between the integrated filter and the flowsensor. The closer to the pump the better. Also make sure that you set your minimum duty cycle on the pump higher than a value of 35. I set mine on the CMGS gauge to 45.

[Image: DSC04815.jpg]

[Image: DSC04838.jpg]

[Image: DSC04839.jpg]

[Image: sssolenoidlarge.jpg]

In this pic below you can see the solenoid installed on the back of the meth tank between the flowsensor and the filter.

[Image: DSC07338.jpg]

In the picture below you can see the meth line is clear and then "black". We fitted black tubing over the clear meth line to protect it against heat but also to create a stealth look in the engine bay.

[Image: DSC03884FINAL.jpg]

Meth pump pressure was bumped up to full capacity to provide the best atomization for the new CM10 nozzle. As shown before - notice again the plug & play feature of the connectors for easy removal when you have to dash off to the supermarket to pick up groceries. The connectors just slide through the grommet and under the carbon cover when not in use.

[Image: DSC04300.jpg]

Dont forget to read our review of the brand new Super Atomizing Injectors CM7 & CM10 as well as the new checkvalve with integrated filter from coolingmist (12 September 2010).
Find the review here:
[Image: twinzsig_5365414051.jpg]
I have the same kit. Where about the firewall did you guys push the meth pipe through?
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have you ous ever ran meth on a na motor if so what was the results
#4 that was an interesting one...but fortunately the car in question had quite a few "factory holes" that served our is @ the ECU it comes from the ECU box area at the top; running down towards the injector. It makes it so much easier to "hide" the meth tubing, when you want to remove the entire STETT charge pipe.

@hennie...i have no experience with meth on an NA motor
[Image: twinzsig_5365414051.jpg]
Twinzpower FTMFW!
capo di tutti capi

#6 have been waiting for this review to get out of the closet hey...?
One of the reasons for the delay has been us struggling to get the right settings. For example setting the meth flow below 7.5 psi cause the meth to flow to early and fast & the motor goes in limp mode but without throwing a code. Setting the flow over 15.5psi cause the same limp. We also had incidents of misfires at higher rpms etc...I also struggled to contain boost & meth leaks....there is just so much power going through the wheels that leaks are inevitable...But these have been resolved hence the reason for the final review. Thumbsup2
[Image: twinzsig_5365414051.jpg]
(29-03-2010, 09:52 AM)DiVinci Wrote: Twinzpower FTMFW!

where have you been hiding??
yes twinz! cool review. glad everything is workin out. i rate i will be running methless though with just race gas and the approriate map when there is a need for shits and giggles... if i had to get an n54 ofcourse.

btw- what numbers are u putting down now and when are them snails going supersize?

@revo- been a tad busy, just read and go but when i saw these latest race tales, i couldnt help but comment. i always try to make peace...LOL
capo di tutti capi

Power outputs are still the same as per that "other thread". Hope to have a another dyno session soon now that things have adapted nicely. Aim is 350kw...the torque figure has been achieved.
[Image: twinzsig_5365414051.jpg]
Great write up Twinz Thumbsup2

Should have the JB3 up and working soon, but once thats sorted I'm very keen on the water meth injection, lets me run much hotter maps with the JB3 at altitude. Please could you PM the price with the CMGS gauge + aftermarket Strett charge pipe, DV etc? Also what does methanol sell for lately and how much do you need for a week's spirited driving?
And how did you guys mount the gauge, was any cutting of the ash tray required?
One last question, wanted to know if you could run this from the wiper tank, read somewhere this could be done? Just a lot neater and easier to hide should you ever have to phone BMW on Call, if you know what I mean Wink
@Baracus. Thx for the feedback.
I removed the inside of the ashtray...nothing was cut or broken to remove the ashtray on the inside or outside.

I also made my own holders for the two gauges, which fit into the existing ashtray cutting was necessary.
If i sell the car one day i will just reinstall the stock ashtray or buy a new one.

I suggest that you meet up with George Smooth and that he takes you through his set-up since it is the same...we can liaise after that about pricing for your particular set-up.
[Image: twinzsig_5365414051.jpg]
Hi Twinz,

What happens if you run just water and not a water/meth mix ?


2008 E90 335i AT - FRC, Downpipes, Forge DV's, Water/Meth Injection

2009 I6 Freelander 2
I had a water/meth injection setup on my Astra Coupe Turbo.
I must say - it works wonders. One of the best mods I ever did.

@ Kruzo - you can run plain water. It has similar cooling effects, though is not as effective as a 50/50 mix of water and methanol.
That said, I ran a water/meth mix for track days, races etc and just plain water for every day use.

With plain water, you need to make sure you spray a less amount than with a water/meth mix.
(20-07-2010, 10:48 AM)Kruzo Wrote: Hi Twinz,

What happens if you run just water and not a water/meth mix ?



IMO Running water should give you a better cooling effect on your intake temp (compare heat of vaporization of water to that of methanol). Methanol will give you a higher octane 'effect' and power from the addition of 'fuel + oxygen.'

@Twinz, wrt: "For our personal notes: We could not see any increase in Kw & Tq (on the dyno) when running meth and 104 race fuel together. Look forward to more testing on this. "
To me that means that cooling of the intake by meth injectn is insignificant otherwise you will definitely see more power.... Surely lower intake temps will equate to more power? Your IC's must be quite effective then?
I am currently getting the Aquamist kit installed, car should be ready tomorrow. Cant wait to test !
2008 E90 335i AT - FRC, Downpipes, Forge DV's, Water/Meth Injection

2009 I6 Freelander 2
@ANiMOSiTY...Agree...and meth is cheap...Thumbsup2

@M3 Turbo....Agree...80% meth (by volume) greatly lowers temp & increases octane. Remember, i was referring to the combination of race fuel & meth that did not show a gain on the dyno...but meth & pump fuel give you racefuel gains...sure i also expected race fuel & meth to give even higher gains in HP&TQ but at the time of the dyno run...none. Will see how it goes at a next dyno opportunity....Thinkerg

Yip i am still enjoying the kit...its a hassle free mod...I also have a big intercooler and oil cooler setup which all work well together to reduce or prevent heatsoak.

@Kruzo...I run the failsafe kit & gauge that warns me inside the cabin when meth is running low....and when it does just fill up and off you go...but you can also turn the knob on the gauge to switch off the meth from flowing completely...all at arms reach.Thumbsup2
[Image: twinzsig_5365414051.jpg]
Thread revival and free bump...
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