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Sponsorship & Advertising Information
Edited 27 March 2019

eMail to get started!


A. This is a great option if you intend to participate regularly on the forum to respond to questions on the forum or make posts about your products and services - you will receive a much better response from the forum members if you participate regularly.

B. Your company banner will be displayed in the sponsor forum with a link to your sub-forum page, where your company description will be available.

C. You will have your own company sub forum, where members can interact with you and your company. You will be given access to two company usernames, which will be in a different colour to the normal usernames, and also state that you are a forum advertiser.

D. You will be allowed one mass PM (Private Message) to all the forum members per month, alerting them of new products, specials or services with regards your business.

E. As a value added item, advertisers will receive a Google analytics report (on request) detailing visitor trends. Requests can be made to These can be used to better tailor your posts and information toward a higher hit rate on Google searches and also give you a good idea of how much exposure you are getting on the web via

F. Your company banner and logo have to be supplied by yourself according to the specifications provided by

G. Full payment must be made on signature of a contract with for a 12 month subscription.

H. You will have to sign a formal contract with

A formal contract will be entered into with the advertiser once the application has been approved by
The contract will entail the terms and conditions for advertising.

The price offering may differ from advertiser to advertiser and reserves the right to alter such pricing structures or advertising offering at its sole discretion. Pricing generally increases once yearly at the discretion of the site-administrator. Pricing can be requested by emailing and a more elaborate breakdown of the package will also be described to you.

ADVERTISER REQUIREMENTS: will only consider an advertising application after the following information has been provided:

1. Your full name and surname as representative of the company.
2. The company full name.
3. Company physical address (domicilium citandi et executandi).
4. Company email address.
5. Company website.
6. Your contact number as representative of the company.
7. Your chosen username on the forum to represent your company (eg: peter@BMWgarage, where "Peter" is your name and "BMWgarage is the company name).
This will display in red and bold format as your username on the forum.
8. A full description of the business’s trade focus (eg: tyres, exhausts, alignment etc).

The decision of the site administrator in approving advertising requests/applications will be final and the applicant will be informed of the outcome. The more information you provide, the sooner an advertising application can be finalised.

* Direct all advertising correspondence to:
* Information contained in this post (herein) may be amended and updated on a regular basis as determined by the needs and requirements of or the site-administrator.
* In addition to the information contained in this post, more terms and conditions will be contained in the advertising contract between the advertiser and and the site-administrator.

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