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  BMWFanatics @ SABeemer GPDay #3 - 2016
Posted by: Twinz@TheFanatics - 26-05-2016 02:02 PM - No Replies

BMWFanatics came out in support of another gathering of fine BMWs.

In Fanatics passion, Divio graced through with his amazing photographs.

[Image: 1_3467436754.jpg]

[Image: 2_5993959559.jpg]

[Image: 3_442481734.jpg]

[Image: 4_7994937896.jpg]

[Image: 5_6602109195.jpg]

[Image: 6_4202363756.jpg]

[Image: 7_8688810449.jpg]

[Image: 8_1289752656.jpg]

[Image: 9_7190257511.jpg]

[Image: 10_4079729476.jpg]

[Image: 11_5388666950.jpg]

[Image: 12_7176567371.jpg]

[Image: 13_8087998931.jpg]

[Image: 14_3938576886.jpg]

[Image: 15_5764884194.jpg]

[Image: 16_9924711608.jpg]

[Image: 17_3835516022.jpg]

[Image: 18_736635988.jpg]

[Image: 19_3124194950.jpg]

[Image: 20_3384716957.jpg]

[Image: 21_3674524407.jpg]

SABeemer GP Day: All the pix and discussion

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  Tribute to BMW's Special Edition M3's
Posted by: CocoPops@TheFanatics - 15-05-2016 09:39 PM - No Replies

BMW recently launched its most hardcore road going vehicle, the M4 GTS, as many know, it traces its routes all the way back to 1986 with the launch of the first M3 Sport Evolution, and was launched to commemorate 30 years of the Hardcore M Versions BMW has produced.

These specific models took BMW M's division to new heights as they pushed the boundafirs on standard mass produced cars by focusing their energy on fine tuning the powertrains, chassis and inclusion of light weight materials to improve on the bench mark ultimate driving machine.

All the changes made were to sharpen the character of the BMW M Brand and embody an emotionally rich and exclusive driving experience. These cars were focused on the road and track, delivering top end dynamics and inspirational performance.

Here is a look at some of those models, going back across the generations, paying tribute to the amazing machines that have shaped the future of BMW M Divison.

[Image: BEH_6854%20Custom_zpsqgans1jq.jpg]

[Image: BEH_6841%20Custom_zpsokpumm27.jpg]

[Image: BEH_6882%20Custom_zpsmpi9h8j8.jpg]

[Image: BEH_6914%20Custom_zpsghnrxfea.jpg]

[Image: BEH_6951%20Custom_zpshexupy8k.jpg]

[Image: BEH_6977%20Custom_zpssxkst8ga.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7165%20Custom_zpspzfhmui8.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7158%20Custom_zpsuyo8d3qp.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7063%20Custom_zpsnjr28yjh.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7256%20Custom_zpspfnr4kjq.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7300%20Custom_zps5p2ypirv.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7208%20Custom_zpsdlmme69z.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7110%20Custom_zpsr5fzifoq.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7112%20Custom_zpsjhevtayl.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7472%20Custom_zpstqjjqyu6.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7238%20Custom_zpsu2nr6sab.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7351%20Custom_zpsnqsjlkwn.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7132%20Custom_zpsfnkmnvkc.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7711%20Custom_zpsf9caznta.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7710%20Custom_zps3ouuzl2j.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7713%20Custom_zpsyc1qa5rn.jpg]

[Image: BEH_7716%20Custom_zpsjkstxfcf.jpg]

Link to full thread: Click Click

// M Power.

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  Best BMW's Throughout History
Posted by: CocoPops@TheFanatics - 10-03-2016 08:41 PM - No Replies

Happened across some interesting articles, but this seemed to some it up nicely.

Source: BMWBlog Post

BMW has now been around for a century, which is simply astonishing when you think about it. I mean, BMW predates World War I, that’s pretty crazy. So BMW has seen quite a lot throughout history, not all of it good, and each decade has brought something different and special. Looking through the decades, it’s interesting to see how BMW changed as a company, yet how its vision remained the same. So let’s take a look at the best BMW from some of the best decades BMW has been around.

[Image: BMW-507-RM-Sotheby-750x422_zpsg5xf9p6b.jpg]

1950’s – The 1950’s were an interesting time for the automobile, at least in America. The ’50s were filled with big Cadillacs, large fins and rocket taillights. However, over in Bavaria, there was something special brewing and something beautiful. and that something special was the BMW 507 Roadster. The 507 was somewhat plagued by incredibly expensive production costs, leading to very high pricing and a lack of customers. But its beauty was undeniable and it became one of the most highly desired roadsters of its time. If only people could afford it.

[Image: BMW-M2-vs-BMW-1M-vs-BMW-2002-29-750x499%...sctrpv.jpg]

1960’s – In the 1960’s, BMW developed something that would change the automotive landscape forever and create a segment that is still so highly competitive and that car was the BMW 2002. Part of BMW’s Neue Klasse line of cars, the 2002 had a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine and two doors, hence the name. It wasn’t particularly fast, just barely making 100 hp, and it wasn’t the most luxurious car BMW made. But it had this perfect blend of style, comfort, performance and pure handling that couldn’t be matched by anyone. It was so unique and different, especially in America, and it created what became the 3 Series and the segment nicknamed the ‘3 Series segment’. That’s how good it was, it created a segment for the rest of automotive history.

[Image: ny15-r116-002-1-750x500%20Custom_zpsdgrdgk0b.jpg]

1970’s – The 70’s weren’t a very good time for the automobile. There was an oil crisis, cars were becoming more cheaply made, especially American cars and overall just weren’t very good. But there was one excellent car to come out of the ’70s and that was the BMW M1. While the BMW M1 actually didn’t sell very well and it wasn’t very well known. But it was superb. Designed by the brilliant Giorgetto Giugiaro, the M1 was a beautiful car during its time. It also had a racing-derived 3.5 liter I6 engine mounted in the middle and mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. It was the world’s first usable supercar and one no one really knew about. Unfortunately, it was a very unsuccessful car, but that doesn’t take away from how excellent it truly was.

[Image: BMW-M3-E30-photos-4-750x470%20Custom_zpsumdcx0zq.jpg]

1980’s – This is possibly the most difficult decade to choose just one great BMW from. So many excellent cars came out of the ’80s for BMW but if we have to pick just one, it has to be the E30 M3. Made for homologation purposes so BMW could go racing and built on the already excellent E30 3 Series, the E30 M3 was an astonishing car. Like the 2002 before it, the E30 M3 created a genre of high-performance sport sedans based off of average cars. With its S14 2.3 liter four-cylinder engine, phenomenal chassis dynamics and perfect steering, the E30 M3 set the world on fire and is widely considered to be the best BMW of all time.

[Image: BMW-M5-E39-1920x1200-0041-750x468%20Cust...0bofte.jpg]

1990’s – The 1990’s were also a very good decade for BMW, as the E36 3 Series debuted as well as the E38 7 Series. But the real winner for BMW in the ’90s was the E39 BMW M5. The E39 M5 is almost flawless and could possibly be the best BMW M5 ever made. Its near-perfect blend of handling, speed, power and comfort made it an instant hit. Its 4.9 liter V8 was simply unbelievable and made an excellent noise. It only came with a six-speed manual, as the Car Gods intended, and it crushed its competition from Audi and Mercedes-Benz AMG as if it were easy. There simply wasn’t anything that could compete with the E39 M5 and that makes it the best BMW of the ’90s.

[Image: BMW-M3-E46-track-images-3-750x500%20Cust...qhpkyx.jpg]

2000’s – This is another toughy, as there a lot of great BMWs to come out of this decade. But after a bit of deliberation, the only choice is the E46 BMW M3. The E46 M3 is near perfect in every single way. It looks fantastic, sounds fantastic and drives fantastically. So much so that it’s fantastic. Okay, I’ll stop. Anyway, the E46 M3 had this wonderful blend of speed and handling. It wasn’t as fast as the Audi RS4 of the time and it didn’t have as much horsepower as the equivalent AMG, but it drove so much better. It was smooth and controllable, fast and driftable and capable of putting a bigger smile on its driver’s face than any other competitor. It became the benchmark for BMW M3s moving forward and even other competitors’ cars, like the Cadillac ATS-V. When future M cars are compared to the E46 M3, even a decade later, that’s when you know it’s great.

[Image: BMW-i3-i8-photoshoot-bucharest-images-14...wczwta.jpg]

2010’s – This is an interesting decade to choose from because it isn’t over yet. However, in just six years, there have beens one pretty amazing cars to come out. There’s been the F10 BMW M5, BMW 1 Series M and the BMW i8. It’s very tough to choose from. We also have just gotten the BMW M2, which could be the best of the decade but we can’t tell for sure just yet. At the moment, though, I might have to go with the BMW i8. This might get some flak, because of the incredible cars like the 1M that have a huge fanbase, but I’m picking the i8 because of its amazing technology, fantastic looks, great driving dynamics and its importance to BMW. The i8 will change high-performance sports cars going forward, something that many of the other BMWs on this list did throughout the decades. So for that reason, the BMW i8 is the best BMW of this decade so far.

Join the Discussion Here:Click Click to go through

BMW Power.

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  New M3 & M4 Competition Package
Posted by: CocoPops@TheFanatics - 29-02-2016 07:32 PM - No Replies

The M3 (F80) & M4 (F82) have been around for some time, and have been doing a fantastic job keeping performance enthusiasts entertained on the track and off. They have been proven to offer great amounts of driver enjoyment while still being able to deliver precision driving on track and those mountain passes when needed. They have been equipped with an all new S55 Motor and have not been short of power in any circumstances. BMW M enthusiasts have been asking for an even more focused version, and while BMW's M performance division did offer the GTS, it is extremely limited and does have major compromises all in the name of performance.

Enter the M3 & M4 Competition Packacge. Now boasting even more power, shorter acceleration times, more focused suspension setups, and an improved visual appearance. BMW have made many changes under the hood, but visually this car will not be mistaken for a regular M3 or M4 simply by its newly designed wheels.

The Basic Summary of the changes are as follows (Sourced from Bimmerpost.com):

Power output: 444 HP
0-60 DCT: 3.8 seconds (sedan/coupe), 4.1 seconds (convertible)
Tuned Adaptive M Suspension
New Springs
New Dampers
New Anti-Roll Bars
Reconfigured driving modes (Comfort, Sport and Sport+)
Reconfigured Active M Differential and DSC Dynamic Stability Control
Forged, machine-polished, weight-and rigidity-optimized, multi-spoke 20-inch M alloy wheels (front 9J ×20; rear10 J ×20) Mixed tires sizes (front: 265/30 R20, rear: 285/30 R20)
Special lightweight M sports seats
Seatbelts with woven-in BMW M stripes cap
M sports exhaust system with black chrome tailpipes
BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line exterior trim
High-gloss Black finish on the BMW kidney grille, the side gills and the model badge on the tail
$5500 for sedan/coupe, $5000 for convertible

Join the discussion with your fellow fanatics in our dedicates "M Section on these amazing machines here: Click Click to go through

[Image: P90211358_highRes_m4-coup-with-competi%2...gfyngn.jpg]

[Image: P90211326_highRes_m3-saloon-with-compe%2...2sndxa.jpg]

[Image: P90211325_highRes_m3-saloon-with-compe%2...tkakil.jpg]

[Image: P90211321_highRes_m3-saloon-with-compe%2...ok9rjt.jpg]

[Image: P90211320_highRes_m3-saloon-with-compe%2...wimfi1.jpg]

[Image: P90211318_highRes_m3-saloon-with-compe%2...ptim1a.jpg]

[Image: P90211349_highRes_m4-coup-with-competi%2...vkzhga.jpg]

[Image: P90211316_highRes_m3-saloon-with-compe%2...bw5tvk.jpg]

[Image: P90211312_highRes_m3-saloon-with-compe%2...kjyhp5.jpg]

[Image: P90211350_highRes_m4-coup-with-competi%2...yhgu21.jpg]

[Image: P90211354_highRes_m4-coup-with-competi%2...kds1ef.jpg]

[Image: P90211355_highRes_m4-coup-with-competi%2...d7fimz.jpg]

// M Power.

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  Inside Peek at BMW USA Factory
Posted by: CocoPops@TheFanatics - 26-02-2016 07:39 PM - No Replies

It is not often we get to have a look inside a BMW Factory from a consumers point of view. This lucky man was able to get a camera in, and had a walk through one of the BMW USA factories in which the X1,X3,X4,X5 & X6 are built for the global markets. It is a truly fascinating experience and an eye opener to what goes in these factories.

Let us know what you think in the following thread: Click Click To The Thread

BMW Power.

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  BMWFanatics & TheFanatics Events Feedback
Posted by: BMWFanaticscoza - 01-02-2016 10:11 AM - No Replies


We'd like to hear from you!

If you have attended an official event recently hosted by BMWFanatics and TheFanatics then please click HERE and tell us your thoughts, share your experiences and perhaps make any suggestions for us to better/improve the way in which events are put together.

As always, we value the time and effort you put in to make this forum the best it can be, and we appreciate every minute you spend with us, whether online or at an event. There are plenty exciting events lined up for the year, with the Events Coordinators working endlessly in their own time to make sure there's always something going on for you to enjoy.

As a side note, keep a look out for FANATICS MERCHANDISE currently under way and more coming soon! Feel free to leave suggestions for merchandise you would love to see.

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  Getting to know your Fanatics Team.
Posted by: CocoPops@TheFanatics - 14-06-2015 08:24 PM - No Replies

Hello to all you fellow fanatics out there.

We are a fairly big car forum within South Africa with thousands of passionate members from every corner of this beautiful country and various parts of the world! We realize you may have interactions with our Fanatics team who work tirelessly behind the scenes and as such thought it would be great to do a short Biography on each of the Fanatics Team members.

I will be updating this page as we go along, with the first 3 Bio's already up, have a read and a comment if you like.

Remember, you have to be a member to see these threads, so sign up if you need to!

Get to Know Arbee!

Get to Know Coisman!

Get to Know RAArmstrong!

Get to Know ChrisBrand!

Get to Know Andy1GP!

Get to Know Prev!

Get to Know ChefDJ!

// M Power.

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Posted by: WebMaster - 30-09-2014 10:30 PM - No Replies

[Image: thefanatics_4504430200.jpg]
Greetings to all BMWFanatics and welcome to the new environment for our forum as well as the additional sister forums.

Thank you for your patience during a very long downtime maintenance period.

TheFanatics.co.za portal site was necessitated by the need for an all encompassing "portal" for motoring enthusiasts. Forums are by nature restricted by their off the shelf templates and BmwFanatics was no exception. However, we have over the years stretched the MyBB platform and developed and created ideas and plug-ins that are not available elsewhere.

We developed the new portal as a line of sight to a broader online community but also to break out of the restrictions of the MyBB software.

As Murphys law dictates we were not able to migrate BmwFanatics forum to our new server today which is already hosting our network of forums - We hope to do this in the next few weeks so that the BmwFanatics forum can also enjoy the faster speed and greater hosting previledges.

Enjoy our new beautiful home for easy reference and as a single stop of the best that South African motoring and the continent have to offer. It is also the beginning of creating a community of enthusiasts that cuts across brands, borders, loyalties and places the focus on our love and passion for cars.

The potential for advertisers, sponsors, marketers as well as the motoring industry to reach a broad audience through one portal has just been made so much easier.

We invite you to explore the new site and the various forums and hope that you will find something of value. As with all online communities; growth takes time but creating a home and value for members take even more time. Expect to see a few more changes and additions in the next few months.

If you feel you can make a contribution to the develoment of our new strategy, feel free to drop us a mail at: bmwfanatics@live.co.za

Welcome to The Fanatics

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