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  RaceDay '15 - To Those who made it possible.
Posted by: CocoPops@TheFanatics - 18-08-2015 08:47 PM - No Replies

TheFanatics recently hosted another great event for all those car enthusiasts across South Africa. I am of course referring to Thefanatics Raceday 2015, which was a resounding success. The available spots were sold out long before the event had even transpired, testament to the excellent reputation TheFanatics has been able to establish within the Car Enthusiast community. The event saw members travelling from far and wide to attend and test their cars ability to reach their maximum speeds over a distance of 1km, in a safe and secure environment.

Young and old, children and families were all in attendance, sharing the magic that this car culture is able to produce, all from the love of machine. Children were eagerly anticipating the next car to spin up their tires and fire down the road, while family members were keen to see what their Significant Others cars were able to achieve – since we spend our days tinkering with our cars. And of course car owners were anxious yet excited to put their own machines to the test, a balance of power and traction.

All of this was achieved through 3 extremely important areas of our community, these being, our event organisers, event sponsors and our passionate members. For this particular event we would like to call out the event sponsors, which without them, this event would have not been able to transpire. The costs of these events are higher than most members assume and to charge this directly to members would result in extremely high entrance fees and in all likelihood poor attendance. This is all being mentioned as what these sponsors have done is enable every single one of our members to attend a well organised event, at a fraction of the normal cost. They of course get a lot exposure, but often do it more so to help the community.

The following sponsors deservedly receive an honourable mention.

Sponsorship in the form of cash to host the event and pay towards event hiring:

Rennzport - Sir Charles and Mr Zaahier
[Image: rennzportbanner1_3000x1000_5817810995%20...kg177a.jpg]
Rennzport Advertiser Portal

Xcede Performance - Mr Sherwin Singh
[Image: Xcede%20Custom_zpsbkkewdik.jpg]
Xcede Performance Advertiser Portal

Prominetix - Honourable Husain Pochee
[Image: 1395947_247343395421540_1660936620_n%20C...sehmcu.jpg]
Prominetix Advertiser Portal

Motorlease - His Highness, Imtiaz Akbar

[Image: motorlease%20Custom_zps4wbbsvag.jpg]

To the trophy and race number stickers:
To HubblyKing and DVST8 – sponsoring the trophies and prizes to the winners, and at the last hour sorting out the race number stickers for all the members involved at your own cost – a huge thank you.

George Smooth, not a soul can thank this guy enough. Anything needed was ticked. We needed accommodation for the DBN and CT members attending, George provided the rooms at his Hotel. The form staff team building lunch was on Saturday, we needed a venue, we had the hall to us. In style as well, signs put up, tables reserved. Drinks provided. What a man! Any out of towners traveling to JHB, need a place to stay, book yourself into St Georges Hotel and Conference center (normal rates apply). George even went further and arranged chairs and tents for us at ODI.

Once we had the sponsors word, we confirmed Ivan (ODI). What a gentlemen!! There was absolutely no issue dealing with Ivan. His rules and regulations were defined from the start, we knew what we had at our beck and call. I am sure you would agree ODI catered for our Adrenalin rush in style. Yes, there venue needs some shade and proper toilet facilities, i am sure sooner or later it will be a world class venue.

And lastly thank you to our event organisers, moderators who helped and every single member who made it a success, special mention to:

Rico, Jody and wife
ChefDJ and Raamstrong
Max My Ride Magazine
Nazeer Loonat (NOS-GP)

Link to Homepage Discussion

One last time, thank you to all of you!
TheFanatics Team

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  Getting to know your Fanatics Team.
Posted by: CocoPops@TheFanatics - 14-06-2015 08:24 PM - No Replies

Hello to all you fellow fanatics out there.

We are a fairly big car forum within South Africa with thousands of passionate members from every corner of this beautiful country and various parts of the world! We realize you may have interactions with our Fanatics team who work tirelessly behind the scenes and as such thought it would be great to do a short Biography on each of the Fanatics Team members.

I will be updating this page as we go along, with the first 3 Bio's already up, have a read and a comment if you like.

Remember, you have to be a member to see these threads, so sign up if you need to!

Get to Know Arbee!

Get to Know Coisman!

Get to Know RAArmstrong!

Get to Know ChrisBrand!

Get to Know Andy1GP!

Get to Know Prev!

// M Power.

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  Crazy Detailer - A members perspective
Posted by: CocoPops@TheFanatics - 17-05-2015 06:27 PM - No Replies

Not too long ago BMWFanatics teamed up with Crazy Detailer to offer a detail day which was not your regular meet. This was one with a difference where information was shared and attendees were treated to gift packs as well given a wealth of information explaining the best use of detailing products.

[Image: 01_zps1eq2v0yl.jpg]

The event was a great success and 2 enthusiastic members took it a step further by sharing their great experiences of the event. Gav & Sash explain it best in their combined summary below!

Getting Started:
Some of the members convoyed together, arriving at Crazy Detailer by 2:30 pm with just enough time to grab a Wors Roll from PicknPay. On arrival we were greeted by Pravin and the team at CD, we were just in time as a few other fanatics rolled in and we were ready to start!
[Image: 02_zpsqepgknd9.jpg]

What CrazyDetailer taught us:
The event was to educate those interested in detailing and to increase awareness in terms correct vehicle maintenance. With most fanatics' event the atmosphere was relaxed and crazydetailer ensured it stayed that way by letting the attendees decide the amount of information related.

Pravin and Neil from CD started of the session by talking about wheel cleaning all the way from washing to waxing. Very insightful and the some cool gadgets like wheel woolies to reach those hard to reach spots. Illustrative videos were used throughout the session for reference to show us the techniques and tools of the trade.
[Image: 03_zpssceowbud.jpg]

[Image: 04_zpsz0zbibyc.jpg]

He then moved onto the actual pre-wash and wash process by highlighting the two bucket approach as well as starting from the roof making your way down to the sides of the vehicle which carry the most dirt. This way you prevent dirt transferral and inevitably swirling, by starting at the cleanest part moving to the dirtiest. Some insightful tips were shared from both Neil and Pravin, like using Quick detailer on your wet vehicle before you actually dry it. Also a very cool gadget was shown to use at the bottom of your rinse bucket to prevent your Wash mitt from being recontaminated in the rinse water.
[Image: Kungfu%20Master_zpszlk2j2na.jpg]

Thereafter they touched on the detailing aspect which included claying, polishing, sealing and waxing. this was mainly to introduce the attendees into detailing and not to cover every aspect( will be covered in future meets). It was mentioned that more important than using just the correct products, it is the correct combination of products that yield the best results. No single brand can meet the needs of every detailer and alot of experimentation is required. Part of this experimentation was Pravin admitting his obsession with waxes and his need to wax every month.
[Image: Fanatics%20backdrop_zpsxkttzocw.jpg]

The goodies!
We were lucky enough to be sponsored gift packs by DNA Care which included but not limited to samples of their All purpose cleaner, Applicator sponge, Microfibre, shampoo, chocolate wax, quick glaze, wheel creme.DNA have launched a local range of car care products to meet the SA market. I must say the stuff smelt really good with flavours like chocolate. Made me want to just eat those products up. Thanks to Naushaad from DNA for making this possible for the Fanatics. Was a really nice treat for us all.
[Image: Gift%202_zps1szxvmtr.jpg]

Once the session was over and the shopping began…! After learning so much about the right tools and products to keep your baby’s paint looking so fresh one couldn't resist purchasing the pampering kit required especially when the guys at CD gave us a discount just for being Fanatics and being there. I cannot wait to try out my new stuff and provide the guys at CD about the Car Chem and DNA range of products which I received.

[Image: Product%20Display_zpssslezpd5.jpg]

Sadly the day had to end...
After this (Around supper time) we all headed over to CalCachios for some much needed pizza, coffees and socialising with the fanatics family. I for one thoroughly learnt so much and this brought a new passion in me for car care. It wasn't my first experience at CD but after this day I know it wont be my last either. Next on the cards from CD is to go into a in depth session on the polish process with real examples in store for the expert level folk.
[Image: Socialising_zpsx5mqem7e.jpg]

The event was a great success, introducing many to the world of detailing as well as assisting and guiding those who have already been bitten by the bug. DNA Care showed their commitment to the BMWFanatics detailing community by personalising the gift pack and bringing us high quality product at cost effective prices. This event will be a stepping stone to bigger and better detailing days with more in depth discussions and practical experiences. Looking forward to it!
[Image: Socialising%202_zpslrgmtdle.jpg]

Once again, thank you to 131gav & sash for the awesome write up, sounds like an event for the books!

Click Click

BMW Power.

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  Zambesi Auto - Cars & Coffee
Posted by: CocoPops@TheFanatics - 19-04-2015 01:42 PM - No Replies

Another AWESOME Cars & Coffee catch up we had, this time with a bit of a twist. For the first time we were hosted by Zambesi Auto BMW Dealership, and this added a new dimension to our Cars & Coffee event. Fanatics who attended were greeted with a warm and welcoming team, shown around what is one of the largest BMW dealerships in South Africa, and treated to some great content which showed how a Mini is born and what an exceptional experience one can have when buying a new car from the BMW Group. Fanatics were then given the opportunity to have their cars photos taken by our Talented Divio on the Zambesi Auto stand (Some of the pics below), to have their name in lights so to speak. Members also got to tour their // M Section in the company of fellow enthusiasts.

It must be mentioned, that BMW Globally is moving towards a more personal experience at dealerships, with BMW boutique stores being opened, however what Zambesi auto has shown us is an equally, if not better way to engage with enthusiasts. We often feel as if service can be improved and the experience can be made better, this is a definitely a step in the right direction and must be commended! Once again thank you to all those who made this a success and special mention as always to Divio for epic pics.

[Image: 0001_zpsasoxiy6s.jpg]

[Image: 0002_zpsoielt1gr.jpg]

[Image: 0003_zps4rtjqa2m.jpg]

[Image: 0004_zpsdvdwmhjp.jpg]

[Image: 0005%201_zpsefassncl.jpg]

[Image: 0005%202_zpsc632bnjy.jpg]

[Image: 0005%203_zpsnp8hxbnh.jpg]

[Image: 0005%204_zpsi0vsza3j.jpg]

[Image: 0005%205_zpsc9ymcudx.jpg]

[Image: 0005%206_zps69rhzk0w.jpg]

[Image: 0005%207_zpskrllqo10.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_15%20Custo...dbj9bx.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_26%20Custo...gtgg55.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_30%20Custo...v5r6sq.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_33%20Custo...iisyhb.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_35%20Custo...4qdjms.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_38%20Custo...iki1me.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_40%20Custo...g1yt22.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_41%20Custo...kscr09.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_47%20Custo...e8gpd7.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_51%20Custo...r8st3r.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_52%20Custo...uw4dgd.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_57%20Custo...zyvk0j.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_68%20Custo...jn6z0k.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Divio_Photography_76%20Custo...fdveip.jpg]

Forum Discussion - Click Click

BMW Power.

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Posted by: WebMaster - 30-09-2014 10:30 PM - No Replies

[Image: thefanatics_4504430200.jpg]
Greetings to all BMWFanatics and welcome to the new environment for our forum as well as the additional sister forums.

Thank you for your patience during a very long downtime maintenance period.

TheFanatics.co.za portal site was necessitated by the need for an all encompassing "portal" for motoring enthusiasts. Forums are by nature restricted by their off the shelf templates and BmwFanatics was no exception. However, we have over the years stretched the MyBB platform and developed and created ideas and plug-ins that are not available elsewhere.

We developed the new portal as a line of sight to a broader online community but also to break out of the restrictions of the MyBB software.

As Murphys law dictates we were not able to migrate BmwFanatics forum to our new server today which is already hosting our network of forums - We hope to do this in the next few weeks so that the BmwFanatics forum can also enjoy the faster speed and greater hosting previledges.

Enjoy our new beautiful home for easy reference and as a single stop of the best that South African motoring and the continent have to offer. It is also the beginning of creating a community of enthusiasts that cuts across brands, borders, loyalties and places the focus on our love and passion for cars.

The potential for advertisers, sponsors, marketers as well as the motoring industry to reach a broad audience through one portal has just been made so much easier.

We invite you to explore the new site and the various forums and hope that you will find something of value. As with all online communities; growth takes time but creating a home and value for members take even more time. Expect to see a few more changes and additions in the next few months.

If you feel you can make a contribution to the develoment of our new strategy, feel free to drop us a mail at: bmwfanatics@live.co.za

Welcome to The Fanatics

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