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  SA Beemer Day
Posted by: CocoPops - 22-03-2015 07:00 PM - No Replies

The SA Beemer day was a day most BMW clubs around Gauteng were looking forward to, it seemed to take ages for the day to finally arrive, so much preperation going into making it the success that it was. BMWFanatics teamed up with a well known BMW dealership - Zambesi Auto to truly make this a unique experience for all involved and Zambesi auto came to the party - and how. BMWFanatics arrived in a convoy of BMW M cars supplied by Zambesi auto - the official event safety cars - making our presence known from when we arrived. We had a huge convoy and it certainly attracted the attention of all involved. The event itself was a resounding success for BMWFanatics, having a day with some awesome cars, people, and BMW car clubs interacting and sharing stories. Divio was there as well to scoop up some awesome pics, and Crash doing some really brilliant videography - truly both masters at their art. The day ended with BMWFanatics taking home the award for the best and biggest convoy!! All to the hard work of the events team led by Mr. Arbee Himself. A well deserved award for everybody involved, members alike, we can certainly hold this one up!

Enjoy some of the pics below & Video Below!

[Image: Divio_BMW_Fanatics_2015%20Custom_zpszd8uloqy.jpg]

[Image: e26e14798918bbf5a4a4db1ebdd9889f_4427363...nq6lcz.jpg]

[Image: 5c4e65a41db293ccda27547cf353933e_4262190...nwuy5y.jpg]

[Image: 3ecf1f646af1fdfca30ad5eaccc20ee1_4550966...5xhnzo.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_96%20Custom_zpsf1vjqlne.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_87%20Custom_zpshtcd78ky.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_100%20Custom_zpsiozski8m.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_84%20Custom_zpstpwollnf.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_76%20Custom_zpsygcdho0d.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_75%20Custom_zps53vzn8ss.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_68%20Custom_zpsckvjb05a.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_64%20Custom_zpsioyjn2s9.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_60%20Custom_zps2hcoonkx.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_59%20Custom_zpsad3ssqhy.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_57%20Custom_zpshyldjbuh.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_54%20Custom_zps82640gbk.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_52%20Custom_zpszofeadgq.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_51%20Custom_zpswvyaxlig.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_30%20Custom_zpsm5udceu4.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_38%20Custom_zpstri4v3fd.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_50%20Custom_zpstm6bhmjw.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_25%20Custom_zpsi78hv1cc.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_20%20Custom_zpswjmsb7wv.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_13%20Custom_zpstg4jddzb.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Photography_za_18%20Custom_zpsy5uj2lvd.jpg]


BMW Power.

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  Congratulations BMWFanatics
Posted by: Twinz@TheFanatics - 12-03-2015 03:37 PM - No Replies

A huge pat on the back for BMWFanatics as we scooped up an award on Beemer Day. A well coordinated meetup and brilliant convoy lead to us earning the award. A big shout out to all those who made it a success.

Thanks to Zambesi Auto again for making it that much special with those ///M's

Well done everyone!

[Image: 5c4e65a41db293ccda27547cf353933e_4262190996.jpg]

[Image: e26e14798918bbf5a4a4db1ebdd9889f_4427363052.jpg]

[Image: 3ecf1f646af1fdfca30ad5eaccc20ee1_4550966541.jpg]

Thread discussion here

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  Kyalami. A New Era
Posted by: CocoPops - 18-01-2015 11:33 AM - No Replies

All motoring enthusiasts across South Africa had a sombre feeling towards the news that Kyalami would be auctioned off to the highest bidder, to do as they please with. A track with such rich motoring history, a legacy which included Formula one. The general view was that it would be turned into commercial property development.

I held my breath as the day came, and waited for the inevitable, the auction took place, and soon the motoring world was in a flurry, Porsche SA had bought the track! I was in shock and awe, the track would remain in the motoring world! Porsche SA made it clear they would keep it as a racing track and use it for development opportunities on their cars.

Fast forward a bit and Porsche true to their motoring spirit, held an open day, to signal an invitation to all petrol heads across the country - You are welcome here. Each car club rallied up their troops and attended the day, in the pouring rain. What a day it was, from Supercars of this world, to everyday cars, all were represented. BMWFanatics is no stranger to track days and had a great attendance as well, lifting that motoring spirit and hopefully will be back soon at Kyalami for some serious driving.

Enjoy the fantastic pics and awesome video.

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_72_zps043e96f3.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_55_zps331bc1e1.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_59_zpsaac09583.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_54_zps768c746f.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_38_zps4dcf760d.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_30_zps860158e9.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_52_zpsa6739b54.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_37_zps6e332d64.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_29_zps2a48615f.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_35_zps6faa0294.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_19_zps5a74328b.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_21_zps4c6c4e1d.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_15_zps14e9a500.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_11_zps60007587.jpg]

[Image: CRW_3843_zpscf9db94e.jpg]

[Image: b10fb76cebabde111969ba5ddba52d69_zps32f352fc.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_4_zps3ea321ae.jpg]

[Image: CRW_3780_zps371d8c73.jpg]

[Image: 709f919677b88dd791395dfb6ff64a61_zps831305a4.jpg]

[Image: Divio_Kyalami_December_2014_10_zpse0dda1c2.jpg]

BMW Power.

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  Epic Cullinan Breakfast Run!
Posted by: CocoPops - 11-12-2014 10:01 PM - No Replies

Anndd we’re back!

After a lot of forum upgrades, maintenance and the rest of it (I’m not entirely sure how the I.T side works, but it sounds like a lot of work). We all needed a breather, and take a breath of fresh air before the madness of Ke Dezemba begins! And what a breather it was.. for us and our more important halves (being our cars of course – priorities, get em right!). The convoy met at Caltex on the N1 highway, we pulled off a quick photo shoot – Thank you once again to Divio for amazing shots! We then took a great drive through to Cullinan where some of us enjoyed fantastic pancakes at Harrys Pancakes (A must try for anyone visiting the area). The breakfast run was a resounding success and what was arguably the largest run we have had! A big thank you to all that attended, some familiar faces and some new ones. What a great community we have, it is truly heart warming to see it growing. As usual.. I have spoken too much.. let the pics do the talking!

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_1_zpsc061b4d5.jpg]

[Image: f17ae8f11696ec9f251232dbf99cc295_zpsff9a7882.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_42_zpsc3d0200a.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_45_zpsb742f4bb.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_37_zps6e539760.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_25_zps1f01c48e.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_7_zpsd1ee4764.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_30_zpsda8f695e.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_18_zpsfd505ba0.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_24_zps8b55958f.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_14_zps4500014e.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_15_zpse8ae8a13.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_9_zpsd01f880f.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Cullinan_Nov_14_Divio_12_zps8ab12c43.jpg]

[Image: b40220ae94576f611ed703cf36309cec_zpsf3e5916b.jpg]

[Image: 8085228b44be1e30fc305800c6331d4f_zps7d37b541.jpg]

[Image: 5d57b74ffd8b76633119ee0bf2b50e35_zps63fa3fbd.jpg]

[Image: 21d958b926ae5f54b895be87d0ac1f46_zps32dc3fc9.jpg]

[Image: 06d3bc0b0e78b4d7218c7b9afa355eaf_zpsdc1dc1e6.jpg]

BMW Power.

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  TheFanatics network of forums completed
Posted by: Twinz@TheFanatics - 29-11-2014 09:08 AM - Replies (3)


Final group of forums launched and added to TheFanatics.co.za network.

We welcome the Nissan, Ford and Honda fanatics to our family as well as a brand new forum called UndergroundFanatics for the racing enthusiasts.

Our new forums have brand new administrators and moderators. We invite those that would like to help out as mods to drop us an email at info@thefanatics.co.za

Our intention is to focus on brand building in 2015 and to accellerate the growth of the various forums.

From The Fanatics Team.

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Posted by: WebMaster - 30-09-2014 10:30 PM - No Replies

[Image: thefanatics_4504430200.jpg]
Greetings to all BMWFanatics and welcome to the new environment for our forum as well as the additional sister forums.

Thank you for your patience during a very long downtime maintenance period.

TheFanatics.co.za portal site was necessitated by the need for an all encompassing "portal" for motoring enthusiasts. Forums are by nature restricted by their off the shelf templates and BmwFanatics was no exception. However, we have over the years stretched the MyBB platform and developed and created ideas and plug-ins that are not available elsewhere.

We developed the new portal as a line of sight to a broader online community but also to break out of the restrictions of the MyBB software.

As Murphys law dictates we were not able to migrate BmwFanatics forum to our new server today which is already hosting our network of forums - We hope to do this in the next few weeks so that the BmwFanatics forum can also enjoy the faster speed and greater hosting previledges.

Enjoy our new beautiful home for easy reference and as a single stop of the best that South African motoring and the continent have to offer. It is also the beginning of creating a community of enthusiasts that cuts across brands, borders, loyalties and places the focus on our love and passion for cars.

The potential for advertisers, sponsors, marketers as well as the motoring industry to reach a broad audience through one portal has just been made so much easier.

We invite you to explore the new site and the various forums and hope that you will find something of value. As with all online communities; growth takes time but creating a home and value for members take even more time. Expect to see a few more changes and additions in the next few months.

If you feel you can make a contribution to the develoment of our new strategy, feel free to drop us a mail at: bmwfanatics@live.co.za

Welcome to The Fanatics

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  BMWFanatics Clarens 2014!
Posted by: CocoPops - 12-09-2014 09:01 PM - No Replies

Wow, a week on and the memories are as fresh as if it happened yesterday, yes, that was the effect of the BMWFantics Clarens run 2014!
Shew, where to start, lets go back to what we were trying to achieve, getting our 2 biggest provinces to have a single meet-up together, share the stories from across South Africa in one location, since we don’t do that in person, the idea of Clarens emerged as the ideal solution, a mid way point between the 2 provinces, a beautiful beautiful location with some amazing roads to enjoy our cars, and a serene guest lodge to relax for the night before doing it all over the next day.
To try and give you a brief summary of the events (of which I will fail woefully) is as follows, Gauteng and KZN convoys rolled out at 9am, with some spirited driving along the way, both arrived at the designated meet up spot for lunch which was Harrismith where Nandos and Wrap it up was on the menu. After being well fuelled (and fed) we departed at 1pm as a single BMWFanatics convoy through to the Golden Gate hotel.
We merged onto the highway like something out of transformers, all these amazing machines on the road, determined to get to their location. The journey was approximately 70km on some really amazing roads which were quite deserted, and a beautiful back drop of scenery, breath taking.
We entered into the national park and stopped for a number of photo shoots while admiring the beauty the landscape offered, it really was something, man and machine in natures perfect setting.

After getting to the resort and settling in, we setup our braai and grouped all our furniture together, making a great atmosphere for us to relax and bond over some lekker food, great company and a rather large mountain in front of us. Supper eventually finished around 8-30ish and it was time for the first half of the hampers generously donated by Fuzz, Crazy detailer and Ice-chilli designs who sponsored cleaning kits, specially made Key rings engraved with the BMW fanatics logo and license disk holders with the same design as well.

After that was done the night eventually started to wind down around 1-30am by when most of us headed to bed. Fast forward to 7ish the following morning everyone enjoyed a hearty meal together reflecting on the previous nights antics, breakfast done, we held the lucky draws for the other vouchers offered by our generous sponsors namely, AXIS Engineered, OCD Detailing, Ice Chilli designs, Crazy Detailer, Fuzz Detailing and a private benefactor. We closed with the vote of thanks to everyone that attended followed by a group picture that was taken by all present.
We headed back to the Engen Bergview to get a quick bite and also say goodbye to our brothers from KZN and G, feeling sad that the trip flew by so quickly we departed for the long journey back home, every single one of us thinking earnestly about Clarens 2015.

It was a fantastic weekend, a huge thank you to all the organisers and all that attended, it truly was a trip I suspect will not be matched easily and will remain with us forever, we truly became brothers.

BMWFanatics @ Clarens 2014! Thank you for the memories!

[Image: IMG_1650_zpsc2ac1fbd.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1628_zps0d52e41f.jpg]

[Image: SAM_0354_zps8d73ccda.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6444_zps631d2b74.jpg]

[Image: IMG_6426_zps4719459a.jpg]

[Image: GGdrive9_zps403c96d2.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1585_zps4de71129.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1516_zpsb337fdbc.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1584_zps80c07331.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1364_zps4af6dba5.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1448_zps3733d0c7.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1445_zps5c5df908.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1372_zps1d6a7e58.jpg]

[Image: harrysmith4_zpsdc0aa33c.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1362_zps2c65fa66.jpg]

[Image: GGdrive13_zpsde26e7cb.jpg]

[Image: GGentrance2_zps6db78e9c.jpg]

[Image: GGdrive10_zps2a680984.jpg]

[Image: harrysmithroadsidepano_zpsf96fbbef.jpg]

[Image: DSCN1846_zps50907230.jpg]

[Image: 20140906_122301_zpsd9e0a30b.jpg]

[Image: 20140907_103100_zps0162dc31.jpg]

[Image: DSCN1777_zps3b948c98.jpg]

[Image: 20140906_182003_zps53ccf689.jpg]

[Image: 20140906_130655_zps238097ea.jpg]

Thread - Click Click

BMW Power.

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  BMWFanatics Dyno Day
Posted by: CocoPops - 26-08-2014 08:51 PM - No Replies

In the true spirit of automotive enthusiasm, BMWFanatics held an event which members could put their car onto the all important rollers and measure just how many Gigawatts of power their Deloreans were putting down. In true BMW fashion, their was a great turnout, and some fantastic cars to look at even though some didn’t want to let the world know just-yet what tarmac tearing abilities their cars had. A good day out, a great mash up of enthusiasts and memories that will live on with us. Enjoy the pics and the vids!

[Image: 1a_BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_73...5309a5.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_57_zpsfec55270.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_34_zpsea938e98.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_53_zpsc750f998.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_45_zpsdd67880c.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_50_zps69a069b1.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_29_zps496fbd7b.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_43_zps63c9585e.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_35_zpsc0721a9d.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_17_zps5860a770.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_18_zps789577a6.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_23_zpsb4853cf6.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_27_zpsc7a423df.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_15_zps3f701314.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_14_zpsa6207b39.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_4_zpsf96173c9.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_13_zps70fe70ae.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_8_zps9efa6340.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_9_zpsdd1ca7c3.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_2_zps81f850c2.jpg]

[Image: BMWFanatics_Dyno_Divio_photography_1_zps5fb7261f.jpg]

Link to Thread: Click Click

BMW Power.

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